About us

Bessler Hendrie was founded by Peter Bessler and Jill Hendrie in 1997. Today, we have 7 partners, some of whom previously worked for major regional and national firms, while others are ‘home-grown’, having qualified and spent their entire career with us.

As a Bessler Hendrie client, you will enjoy far more partner involvement in your business than you could expect from a larger firm. This means you benefit directly from our wealth of experience gained from working with clients of all types and sizes, across a huge range of industries and sectors.

As an OMB ourselves, we have direct, first-hand knowledge of the challenges many of our clients are facing. These insights, coupled with our vast and diverse experience, make us uniquely placed to advise owner-managers utilising our larger firm expertise.

Partners: Peter Bessler | Jill Hendrie | Andrea Hollo | Peter Nicholls | Matthew Oliver | Irena Padol | Robert Watkins | Consultant: Nigel Bolt

Bessler Hendrie is registered to carry on audit work in the UK and Ireland and regulated for a range of Investment Business activities by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.